"I want to highly recommend Abigail for those looking for well woman care. I came to Abigail for assistance transitioning into peri-menopause. I wanted an alternative to the medical model of viewing natural changes as a 'disease' to be dealt with through unnecessary and invasive testing to "diagnose a problem" that leads inevitably to hormone treatments.

 Abigail offered a wealth of knowledge and information on dietary changes, massage techniques, and natural remedies that could boost my body's own abilities to move through these changes gracefully. 

Abigail is an amazing healer who listens deeply and warmly and gently provides options and choices. Her massages are an absolutely treat. She's a real gift for those of us adjusting to our middle-aged bodies!"


 - Carol C.

Non-profit Financial Consultant

Most women dread their annual exam…shivering on a narrow table while wearing a paper gown, rushed through intimate pokings and proddings, with not enough time to get an answer to a really personal question.


Instead, your well woman care can be a safe, relaxing experience with a gentle, unrushed exam.  As part of the midwifery model of care, your appointment is comprehensive and personalized, including a discussion of your health history, concerns and goals, along with holistic recommendations for diet, herbs and/or supplements to support your health.


Your well woman appointment includes:


- Pap smear

- Blood tests, as needed

- STD testing, as needed

- Breast exam and Self Breast Exam instruction

- Fertility/Preconception/Family Planning/Birth control consultation


It is currently recommended by the American Cancer Society that women have their first PAP at age 21. Women age 21 to 29 should have a Pap test every 3 years. Women age 30 - 65 years should receive a PAP with HPV test every 5 years. Annual Well Woman appointments should still be done even if the PAP isn't required that year.